Custom Solutions

Problems and Solutions

When you choose a specialist you know they have the knowledge and experience to solve business problems. Automation & Management Consulting specializes in custom solutions and systems integration. What does this mean for your company? It means we design solutions that make your systems function the way you want and need them to. It means we can increase the productivity and interoperation of many of your software and hardware systems. We can make your systems live up to their full potential.

AMC has the expertise to integrate software and hardware. This expertise is not newly found. AMC employees have spent over 30 years on the front lines of corporate and business technological growth. From custom programming, systems design, development and integration, to acceptance testing, the professionals at AMC have gained the expertise necessary to create quality systems.

Talented professionals are available to design, develop and implement small or large systems. We will provide technological assistance to developing and existing businesses. Automation & Management Consulting has the experience and the knowledge to accomplish the task.

Some of the custom solutions that AMC has produced include the following:

  • Pre-paid and Pay-by-Cell Parking
  • Livestock and Grazing Management Software
  • Hospital Human Resource and Security System
  • University Student Debit Card Integration
  • Gaming System Integration
  • Commercial Ground Transportation Tracking and Billing System for Airports
  • Hotel Billing and Reservation System
  • Medical Conference Reservation System
  • Congestion and Pricing System for Ride Share Usage
  • Frequent Parker Reward System
  • Pay by License Plate System
  • Cervical and Breast Cancer Patient Tracking System


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