Parking Software Development and Integration

Automation & Management Consulting, LLC (AMC) has worked extensively with parking operators, distributors, VARS and customers to provide custom solutions, reports and systems integration. Some of the projects we've completed are listed below. They may be purchased as is or customized to meet your specific needs.

eNet Validation

The eNet Validation System creates efficient parking validation. It allows merchants to effectively manage employees, accurately track usage, and generate validation reports. It enables operators to set-up merchants, assign roles, and run full reports for a selected time period. The system has recently been updated to track prepaid merchant billing. It can either be a web based solution or a stand-alone Windows application. We can customize this to work with your PARCS system. See a demo at or click HERE for more information about the system.

Event System

Conveniently see the amount of revenue your event collected. It allows the user to track the event by revenue and attendant. The user can set the event fee to vary from normal rates, determine the amount of time a ticket is valid and allow for attendees to prepay for the event. For more information click HERE.

Alarm Monitor

The Alarm Monitor System is designed to send e-mail notifications or text messages to specified users when events are triggered on the PARCS server. The operator may specify any type of message event to be alerted on. These include general messages which can also be filtered to a specific error message string. For more information click HERE.

AMC Hotel Keycard Interface System (HKIS)

This simple on-line solution integrates your parking system to your Front Desk software and the key card encoding system. The elegant interface utilizes standard features of the existing Property Management Software (PMS) at the front desk and the room key encoding system and the parking revenue hardware and software system. The Front Desk Agent simply needs to designate the guests that are allowed to park at check-in and when the room key is created, the key will be encoded to allow the same key to be used for parking. Click HERE for more information.

PARCS Dashboard

The PARCS Dashboard is a simplified real-time screen containing streamlined revenue and access control information. It displays real-time transactions from any revenue collection device, messages from all card readers in a garage, along with all daily interactions. Click HERE for more information.

Counts and Revenue

The Counts and Revenues System consolidates revenue and access data into a comprehensive report. The revenue and ticket counts can be displayed in detail, by selected data range, predetermined specific group or in a general summary. It allows the user to set start-of-day. The application can be run against the current database or the archive database.

Value Pass Recharge

The Value Pass Recharge application acts like a prepay feature in EFMS. The monthly access card is charged as it is used by a patron. Periodically, as determined by the user, a process is run to charge the patron's accumulated parking charges to a credit card using a central credit card system. The application is PCI compliant.

Garage Nesting

The Garage Nesting software program allows the tracking, automatic turnoff and billing of violations to the nesting rules (who can park where) within a garage. You specify which readers will participate in the nesting. The system 'watches' potential nesting violations by package code. The Credential may be immediately set to invalid at the violation and/or 'billed' for the violation. Click HERE for more information.

Group Count Archive

This program monitors DBA/Group Counts setup in ScanNet. At a selected interval the counts are archived to a special table. The program will also beep whenever any group is at or over its limit and highlight the entry in the monitoring window. R eports of the 'Maximum' Group Count or the 'Standard' Group Count Archive may be printed. Click HERE for more information.

Group to Gates

The Group to Gates Sign Control allows you to define the DBA/Groups to monitor and associate the entry lanes with the full signs attached. You may then monitor the current status of the selected DBA/Groups and the associated sign status. Click HERE for more information.

Custom Reports

Custom reports may be created from your data to give you the information you need and to help you analyze your data. We have MANY custom reports created for PARCS systems. All custom reports are written with Crystal Report, Ask if we have a report that will meet your needs or let us customize one for you.

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